March 26, 2020

Wenyan Sun has joined the Frost lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Huzzah!

March 26, 2020

Congratulations Maruca - we are glad you are with the Frost lab for year 25 and beyond!

March 26, 2020

The Frost lab welcomes Adrian Beckmann, UTHSCSA graduate student in the Cell Biology, Genetics, and Molecular Medicine Discipline. 

March 26, 2020

   Credit to Will Sansom for writing the press release.

March 26, 2020

Maria "Maruca" Gamez has joined the Frost laboratory as a Research Associate. She has brought along her crowbar for efficient lab set-up.

January 1, 2020

Welcome (back) Paul! Paul spent the summer doing fantastic bioinformatic work with the Frost lab, and has now joined us as a first year PhD student. 

September 1, 2019

Welcome Elias! I am extremely late in posting this (it's back-dated), and the lab is shut down due to COVID-19, so I have no way to come to the lab and photograph you awkwardly as I have for all other lab members. You win! Elias has joined the lab as a Research Assista...

November 2, 2015

The University of Texas System Board of Regents has designated Dr. Frost as a "Rising STAR" in the UT System. Faculty in the STARs program receive funds to purchase state-of-the-art equipment for their laboratories.

November 1, 2015

Dr. Frost has completed her postdoctoral fellowship from Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School under the guidance of Dr. Mel Feany, neuropathologist and fly-maker extraordinaire, and has moved from Boston to San Antonio to build her new lab. Farewell six-...

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