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We are hiring!

We are looking to hire a postdoctoral fellow with expertise in transposon biology. The NIH-funded project focuses on the role of transposable elements in Alzheimer's disease, related tauopathies, and physiological brain aging. We work with Drosophila, iPSC-derived neurons, organoids, mouse brain tissue, human fluids and post-mortem human brain tissue. Our focus ranges from basic science and bioinformatics to clinical trials.

Since opening in 2015, the Frost laboratory has published in Nature Neuroscience, Aging Cell, Cell Reports, Current Opinion in Neurobiology, and Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (see publications tab). Trainees have received funding in the form of an NIA T32, NINDS NRSA F31, NIGMS K12 IRACDA, NIGMS R25, and the BrightFocus Foundation. Past trainees have secured positions in both biotech and academia. Dr. Frost was the 2019 recipient of the O'Donnell Award in Medicine from the The Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas (TAMEST). 

Please send your CV and a cover letter outlining the reasons why you are interested in joining us to


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