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Congratulations to Dr. Simon Levy on his successful defense!

The Frost lab would like to give a heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Simon Levy for successful defense of his dissertation! During his time as a PhD student, Simon developed in vivo systems to quantitatively measure tau-tau and htt-htt interactions in the living Drosophila brain (in revision and in preparation, respectively). He earned second authorship on manuscripts from the laboratory published in Aging Cell and Alzheimer's & Dementia, as well as coauthorship on a collaboration with the Bishop lab that was recently published in Nucleic Acids Research. As President of the UTHSA Graduate Student Association (2019-2021), Simon was an outspoken advocate for students during the early days of the pandemic.

Dr. Levy is moving to San Diego, California with his wife, Dr. Michelle Doyle, and their adorable daughter where he will be pursuing positions in data science. Simon - we are truly proud of your accomplishments and wish you all the best in your future endeavors!


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